Don's Story

Don had broken his front three teeth as a teenager, and really dreaded having them repaired again.  Despite his anxiety of removing these old crowns, he was very dissatisfied with his smile, as it did not properly reflect his healthy and serene nature.
We took the necessary time to review with Don what we could do to improve his smile, and when he felt comfortable we did some Whitening, Laser Gum Reshaping and Four Porcelain restorations.

Don was thrilled when he left the office with his new ‘trial smile’ provisionals. We continued to encourage his input as to color, contour and shape of his new permanent porcelain crowns and veneer. As you can see we accomplished a great improvement together. Don has received many compliments on his great and confident new smile.  
This case earned ONE of FOUR GOLD MEDALS for Dr Goldner at the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2008 Smile Gallery Competition!

Don has received numerous positive comments from family and friends about his appearance. Most don't even realize that it is his smile that was changed!

He was especially pleased when his smile design and treatment was complimented by his Cape Cod dentist, and his periodontist at recent visits.  Don told me he felt his treatment was done well, but to hear from other dentists that it was "first class in all ways" was great positive reinforcement.

Thanks for sharing that Don, and for choosing Paradise Dental Care, after considering some other options!

Before & After