Jo's Story

After completing two years of Braces, which placed the teeth in a better relationship for function and health, this patient really desired a smile enhancement, too.  Funds were limited at this point, although we hope to do a more complete smile makeover with porcelain crowns and veneers in the future.
In just two appointments we were able to make a significant improvement by first ZOOM Whitening and then replacing some old fillings with new bonded resins.  We also did Direct Free-Handed Bonded Resin Veneers to change the color, shape and length of the four front teeth.  This restored a healthy, youthful appearance for a woman who many know as a source of health, vitality and a positive force in our community.  She was thrilled, and felt that all the previous treatment she had done to straighten her teeth was now really worthwhile. Her smile more closely mirrored her essence.

"I just have to say that Dr Goldner is a rare gem and our community is so fortunate to have his expertise and experience.  He is top of the line in his field.  I am so happy with my new smile 'thanks to Dr Goldner' and told him that if I had a million dollars I would give it to him. I'm that happy about smiling now! Thank you so much Bill!!"

Before & After