Lisa's Story

Lisa was never comfortable with her smile, mostly due to some crooked teeth.  Her smile did not represent her spirit and happy nature to others.  Braces were not an option when she was younger, and did not interest her at this point in her life. She had decided to make a change for the better, and our "Instant Orthodontics" option was just what she needed.

We did some tooth whitening, gum and tooth reshaping and placed only four porcelain restorations to give her the smile that she always wanted. 
This case earned a GOLD MEDAL for Dr Goldner  at the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2006 First Smile Gallery Competition!

"I've been conscious and embarrassed by my crooked teeth since I was a little girl.  Even in my wedding photos, on one of the happiest days of my life, I look pretty grim.

Then I discovered Dr Goldner, and in one easy afternoon my life has been radically changed.  Now it seems that I can't keep a smile off my face.

My teeth are so very beautiful now, that even after a year, I break into big goofy grins when putting on lipstick.  Sometimes a special trip to the mirror will remind me that they look so very perfect.  Are those my teeth?  Really?

The comments from strangers are absolutely the best, though.  A woman told me that she noticed my beautiful smile from across the room and had to come over and compliment me.  It made my month!

I will forever be thankful to Dr. Goldner and his caring staff for changing the way I feel about myself and allowing me to face the world confident and smiling."

Lisa F.

Before & After


photo by al sachs