Magda's Story

Magda is a young Polish woman who was new to Key West.  She has always tried to take care of her teeth, and presents with the "adequate" tooth saving dentistry that I often see from Eastern Europe. We started with a Zoom whitening, before placing four new porcelain crowns.  I did some laser reshaping of the gums to get a more even, pleasing appearance.

Magda was amazed at the great improvement when we placed her temporary smile and was absolutely thrilled two weeks later with her beautiful smile.  She wrote me a wonderful heartfelt testimonial. She looked forward to returning home to show off her "new face", but has now married and settled here.
Magda was one of those patients who "made our day".  
This case earned a GOLD MEDAL for Dr Goldner  at the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2007 Smile Gallery Competition!

"Dr. Bill Goldner helped me a lot to receive a nice, beautiful smile, as I never remember having before.  I had nice teeth when I was nine years old, but I had an accident and lost my nice smile.  My front teeth were broken.

When I came to this doctor I was 26 years old.  He made for me a big difference with smiling.  Pretty, nice, front teeth plus whitening, a bright effect.

I love my new face!  Now I am happy person, and feel beauty all the time.  I would like to talk to other people to show them this effect, and to share my good emotions.

Also I need to add my opinion about the women in this practice.  There is an excellent team-  happy, and friendly.  I was really scared of going to the dentist, but this place is really perfect for me!"
...Magda M.

Before & Aftermagda