Nella's Story

Nella was referred to us by another dentist in Key West due to the complexity of her needs.  Like many adults we see, Nella was not able to receive comprehensive dental care when she was younger.  As a result she had several missing back teeth, and her front teeth did not look natural or complement her beauty.

Working with a Periodontist we were able to replace many upper and lower back teeth with Dental Implant restorations, and restore Nella to excellent function and appearance.  Although this full mouth dental reconstruction took close to a year to complete, our patient’s joyful results were extremely gratifying to our whole team.  We were thrilled to receive her comments:

"What a wonderful feeling to have healthy, beautiful teeth! THE EXCEPTIONAL SKILLS OF DR. BILL GOLDNER made it possible for me.
After a year of exacting and delicate work, the result was beyond my expectations and the proof is in my smile.  I had never imagined that my dental treatment would be so much fun.
It is with my deepest gratitude that I thank Dr. Bill Goldner and his five-star Staff: Chrissy, Brenda, Wendy and Donna. What an excellent job they have done!  Bravo!
best regards, Nella D "


Before & Afterjay

nella key west smile