Sue's Story

You may recognize Sue who was our dental hygienist for almost three years before relocating to Boston,  with her husband's promotion in the U.S. Coast Guard.

We did Zoom Whitening, some Gum Reshaping and then 5 Porcelain Veneers for Sue just before she left Key West.  We hope that she returns, and chooses to have her back teeth restored as well.  She looks great, but we would like to "open-up" her smile some more.

"My teeth developed with tetracycline staining and over my preteen years I acquired many fillings.  From time to time I considered veneers. 

It was while I practiced dental hygiene with Dr Goldner that I saw first-hand how he transformed teeth and smiles.  With each patient's final cementation of their veneers, I got excited and said 'that's what I want!

Dr Goldner truly is an artist with teeth and I wanted him to create my new smile.  The veneers feel natural and I'm always flashing my smile confidently. 

As a dental hygienist, I know quality work when I see it, and I know that I received the best dental treatment from the best dentist!

Sue Salveggio, RDH"

Before & After