Wayne's Story

This gentleman was in Key West for a short time on a government contract.  He came to the office with a loose filling in one of his front teeth which we repaired and then cleaned-up his other front teeth.  He stated that he always had wanted a better-looking smile so we discussed the options.  He consulted his sister, a dental hygienist back home who advised that the treatment would cost less there, however Wayne decided to proceed.  He told me that we had treated him so well at his first appointment, and that he felt more comfortable with us than he ever had before.

We proceeded with Zoom whitening, replacing some old silver fillings, removing one bad tooth, replacing some bottom teeth with a cosmetic no-metal clasp removable bridge, and with four porcelain crowns.  We did this all in one month, before he was to leave for Kentucky.

Wayne was amazed and 'on top of the world' when we finished.

"You've changed my life!  I can't find the words to describe how I feel and what a difference this makes to me.  I have always wanted a smile like this, but did not think it was possible."

Wayne was one of the most excited, appreciative patients we have treated in 2006.  He took photos of the staff and of Dr Goldner to show the folks back home.  He sent us four new patients before he left town.  We all got a great kick out of helping this good-natured gentleman achieve his dream. 

It is the people, attached to the teeth, that make our work so satisfying.

Before & After